We aim to provide a high standard of teaching water safety and learn to swim while also ensuring that the swimming journey is a wonderful and enjoyable experience.

We offer a comprehensive swimming program that is adaptable to suit each swimmer and their unique ability, as we recognise that children learn at different rates and in different ways.

Our qualified and experienced instructors support students to become confident and capable swimmers through gentle exposure and constructive encouragement.

Range of classes

As a private facility we offer small sized classes with one class running at a time.
This ensures that your child receives the attention and tuition they deserve.

Classes range from:
• Infant aquatics
• Preschool classes
• School aged learn to swim classes

Quality program

Our swim program is safe, personalised and enjoyable. It teaches water familiarisation, submersion, front- and back float, crucial survival skills and then moves on to the four main strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly). We also offer regular assessments and feedback to keep you up to date with your child’s progress.

Qualified staff

At Harley Street Swim School we endeavour to provide the best possible instructors for our swimmers.

Our instructors hold a:
• Austswim qualification
• CPR certificate
• First Aid certificate (supervisor)
• Working with Children Check

Ongoing in-house training and professional development equips instructors to ensure all swimmers, not only experiences great progress, but also love their learn to swim journey.

Pool maintenance

Our pool is maintained constantly through automation technology to achieve a balance of water sanitation and energy efficiency. A saltwater sterilising system automatically ensures that chlorine is at the precise levels required to maintain perfect water levels. The chemical mix is measured in real-time and constantly monitored and controlled. This is enhanced by local government Microbial Quality Testing done at La Trobe University laboratories on a regular basis. Furthermore, a quality filtration system removes unwanted organisms from the water.
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