Swim & Survive Partner

Harley Street Swim School is proud to be a Swim and Survive Partner, working with Royal Life Saving to make communities safer around water.

As part of our partnership, we offer Swim and Survive as our core water safety education program for children. Swim and Survive is a broad balanced swimming and water safety program of Royal Life Saving that is aligned to the National Swimming and Water Safety Framework. Swim and Survive focuses on swimming, personal survival skills, basic rescue and water safety knowledge to provide children with solid foundation skills to safely enjoy a lifetime of aquatic recreation.

Health & Hygiene Policy

At Harley Street Swim School, we take great care in providing a clean and safe facility.

Nevertheless, transmission of viruses and bacteria is possible in any social environment. We request that you refrain from attending the pool if you or your child has been, or is suffering from: • Viral infections such as colds, sore throats or fever • Cold sores • Conjunctivitis • Urinary tract infections • Gastroenteritis (vomiting and diarrhoea) • Ringworm • Rubella • Contagiosum molluscum • or any other contagious disease

Missed Lesson Policy

We offer two catch-up lessons per term under the following guidelines:

• 24 hours’ notice is required to be eligible for a catch-up lesson.

• You are required to log your absence and book your own catch-up lesson via our customer portal, please CLICK HERE.

• All catch-up lessons not taken in the current term expire at the end of that term.

If in doubt about your child’s ability to attend a lesson our advice is to be conservative and to log the absence as soon as possible.

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